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Writer's Block: Destined for greatness

Do you believe that a higher power controls our fate or that we choose our own destinies?

We make our own destiny! I am not a pupet on a string for some higher powers amusement. :)


So I have been laid up for days with pnuemonia. I have been on sterios shots and pills and antibiotic shots and pills. I am sure the steriods will undo any good I did by eating relatively well while sick. I am back at work, still a bit miserable, but at least upright and moving.

Like others it is the season to take off the winter poundage. I am Back in Weight Watchers, and it is going well. No exercise as of yet due to the fact that I can't breath right now, but hope to start walking/jogging maybe as soon as next week, if I heal well.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Need to find a sweater pattern that is easy, breezy, and not ugly to make for myself for spring.  I am so happy the weather (fingers crossed ) has broken. I don't even care (much) that my car is broken. Off to the mechanic


i was not planning on sending out a picture of my scroll, but it was so unusual and awesome that I wanted to show you guys. It is embroidery on silk. It has my heraldry on it, and the period spelling of my name. I just had never seen one done all in needlework before, thought you might like it. It was done by an artist named ysabo (spelling), I need to find her and tell her what a great job she did and thank her. Though I am not to sure about the water to the thirsty, unless by water she means cheap beer then she's got it about right ;)


Hmmmm I have nothing interesting to say.
good morning Yo

Enough Already!

fourth shot of cortisone to date the second in my elbow. This time I REALY can not crochet for 2 weeks. I have used up all my shots. grrrrrrr

Good news and Bad news

Bad news shoulder still not well. Had my second and final injection in my shoulder, after this it is the specialist.....and his sharp sharp knives. Since i DO NOT!!!!! want to be cut, I am actually going to follow the docs orders and not use do anything for 48 hours. That is the good news, kinda, No work till Thur. it means I will have to work Saturday to catch up, maybe even Sunday, but if it makes the pain and tingling stop, then fine.
On brighter note, I am having a good day all in all. seeing all those people at the doctors made me realize things could be worse and to stop feeling sorry for myself. So I bought some provisions (cookies) and am spending the next two days watching cartoons, and being thankful it is only two days down, and things can always be worse.
Heard from my friend in CA who just had a baby, sweet thing. I love little notes in the mail like that it just makes my day....week :) OK post long, typing with left hand annoying...going now.
Looking forward to a nice weekend of crochet and tea, while gazing at the slowly turning leaves.....ahhhhhh. peace and quiet.

Baby Blanket

Finished Teddy's baby blanket... on to Baby Blais blanket :)

Seems about right

SCORPIO - The Intense One (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
> Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or possessive...
> Hardworking. Great kisser. Can become obsessive or secretive. Holds
> grudges. Attractive. Determined. Loves being in long Relationships.
> Talkative. Romantic. Can be self-centered at times. Passionate and
> Emotional..

Seems dead on to me.....weird......
Will post pic of newly finished baby blanket for baby boy Benders (Teddy) this weekend. On to the next baby...Baby Blais *WOOT*